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Boaters have been visiting us for information since 1996

Advertising Cost (Canadian Dollars)
Home page $ 50 /month   $ 300 /year
Other page $ 30 /month   $ 180 /year
5 pages $ 60 /month   $ 360 /year
Note: We do not accept ads that compete with current advertisers.

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Your graphical ad on our website attracts a very specific audience - boaters! Why? Because our huge amount of information on the subjects boaters are interested in brings them here from search engines - thousands every month. They enter our site from our home page and many other pages as well. If you wishm, we can advise you which pages are the best place for your business to advertise your products or services.

Visitors have increased steadily every year since we started in 1996, with visits dropping in the autumn and picking up again during winter boat shows. This website is now the centre of a large "web" of links from many other sites. Advertising here will provide "visitors" from our site to yours - then all you have to do is convert them into customers! Contact us

Affiliate Advertising

We participate in affiliate programs that offer products or services userful to Canadian boaters. Affilate programs offer little risk for you to attract new customers. You pay us only when a sale is made. If your business has an affiliate program that can track links from us without using cookies, please contact us.


Most visitors come via search engines. The most common age of visitor sessions: 34% are 25 to 34 years old; 27% are 18-24, 16% are 35-44. 46% are female and 54% male. Although 88% arrive from Canadian domains and 8% from U.S.A., we get visitors from around the world. 82% are new visitors, 18% are returning. 45% use desktop computers, 42% use mobile phones and 13% tablets. (2015-2016)


"Since we started advertising on the web site 'Pat's Boating in Canada' we have received tens of thousands of targeted referrals, many of which converted to customers on our site. This site is full of great content, and it positions very high in the search engines. I would encourage any companies in the boating industry to take advantage of this great portal."
- Brent McNamee, VP Marketing,

"The classified ad for my boat and trailer on your site got it sold quickly."
- an Ontario boater

We guarantee traffic to your Web site. Boaters have been visiting us for information since 1996! We have the traffic and "location". A display ad for a year costs far less than a single print ad! Where else can you reach thousands of boaters 24 hours a day for so little!


In spring, people search for information on licences (boat, operator, radios..). In fall and winter, buying a boat and boat shows. In summer, just about everything! Some terms used one week in 2006 to search this site...

1000 islands, aluminum boats, anchor roller, bayfield, bayliner, boat hauling, boat insurance, boat lettering, boat licence, boat names, boat shows, boat transport, boating license, boating rules, boats for sale, bottom wax antifouling, bow dodger, bvi, canvas, cardinal buoys, commercial boats, enhanced dgps, hull repairs, i68, knots, loons, olympic yachts, registration, registration numbers, marina slips, trent severn, vhf radios, winches, ...

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