Canadian Boaters Do the Nautical Nookie

"Discover Boating" Survery, June 2008

63% of boaters reported satisfaction with their sex lives, compared to 54% of non-boaters - and the more frequently Canadians go boating, the more satisfied they are.   Let's go boating!

With the sweltering summer in full-swing, Canadian boaters are turning up the heat in the bedroom. According to a national Discover Boating survey, boaters report much higher levels of sexual satisfaction than other Canadians.

The survey conducted by Angus Reid Strategies in June 2008 polled more than 1,000 boaters and non-boaters and compared their viewpoints on several quality of life aspects. Participants were asked to rank their satisfaction with the quality of their sex lives. 63% of boaters reported satisfaction with their sex lives, compared to 54% of non-boaters. Not only do boaters enjoy making waves on shore but the study revealed that twice as many boaters would prefer to spend their time making out on a boat than sightseeing.

Buoy-Oh-Buoy, That's Some Smooth Sailing

While getting revved up in the bedroom may be reason enough for Canadians to chart their course on the nearest body of water this summer, the survey also found that a whopping 68 per cent of Canadian boaters believe that boating relieves their stress.

Boating is a great social activity that can help people bond with those they are closest to, says Lindsay J. Rennie, Marketing Director, Discover Boating, NMMA Canada. There is something undeniably romantic about being out on the water with that special someone. Boating can set the mood for total relaxation and even make for some intimate moments! So, if you are cruising the anchorage in your dinghy, and a boat is 'a-rockin' with no waves in sight, just dinghy on by!

Provincial Pier Pressure

Amidst the results, the survey found that among Canada's coastal provinces, 75% of British Columbians had been on a boat at least once in the last year, compared to 60% in the Atlantic provinces, and a lowly 26% in Quebec!

Political Sex

Which political supporters do you suppose are the most likely to make out on-board? 16% of NDP supporters, and 15% of Bloc Qu?b?cois supporters, were ahead of Liberals and Conservatives by a wide margin - they scored only 6% and 5% respectively.

The survey also found:

  1. Anglophones are more likely to engage in watersports than Francophones (21% vs. 14%)
  2. In Canada, the percentage of the population that has been on a boat in the past year by province:
    • B.C.: 75%
    • Alberta: 51%
    • Prairies: 41%
    • Ontario: 50%
    • Quebec: 26%
    • Atlantic: 60%
  3. 68% of boaters believe boating reduces stress.
  4. 65% of women like to sun-bathe on a boat.
  5. Boaters in Manitoba & Saskatchewan are the most likely to go fishing. (31% v.s. 20% across Canada)
  6. 71% of men like to fish while on a boat.
  7. Age group most likely to go fishing on a boat: 18-34
    • 18-34-years: 43%
    • 35-55 years: 34%
    • over 55 years: 35%
  8. Most likely to have sex on-board:
    • 16% NDP
    • 15% Bloc Qu?b?cois
    • 6% Liberals
    • 5% Conservatives

"Discover Boating" is promotional program to encourage more people to get into recreational boating. It is managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) on behalf of the North American recreational boating industry.  They claim each year over 6 million people in Canada enjoy recreational boating. Visit for free boating advice, events, videos and information.

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Canadians having Sex on Cruise Ships

According to a new survey, 12% of Canadians have had sex at sea aboard a cruise ship. Of the 28% of Canadian adults who have taken a cruise, 44% have had sex aboard the ship - nearly 3 million Canadians. 58% of these active travellers are over the age of 45, proving that you don't have to be young to be sexy! Which provinces had the highest percentage - British Columbia 57% and Ontario 55%, while Quebec 22% had the lowest percentage!

The survey conducted by Leger Marketing for polled a random selection of 1,030 male and female respondents aged 18 years and older.