Changing a Boat Name

Since the days of sailing ships, it has been considered bad luck to change the name of the boat. According to legend, every vessel's name is recorded in the Ledger of the Deep. If you wish to rename the boat, you must purge the boat of the old name and have a de-naming ceremony.

Purging the old Boat Name

Every trace of the old name must be removed. Remove painted names on the hull, and life rings and name boards with the old name. Remove the boat’s log books and maintenance records, photos of the boat with its old name, key-rings, printed items like shirts and cups. Search again to be sure. Do not carry aboard any item bearing your boat’s new name until the purging and renaming ceremonies have been completed.

The De-naming Ceremony

One method for a denaming ceremony involves writing the current boat name on a piece of paper, placing the folded paper in a wooden box, then burning the box and throwing the ashes into the sea.

When all this is done, you may christen the boat with its new name.