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November 1996

Auditor General of Canada says taxpayers are subsidizing recreational boaters who use historic federally owned canals. My advice: Plan your Rideau Canal holiday soon before you need a bank loan or they shorten the season to 4 weeks or they close it altogether!! Auditor General's Report made recommendations about our canals.

A U.S. survey showed fishing was America's 5th most poular sports activity in 1995. Powerboating was #10, canoeing #33, waterskiing #35, and sailing #44.

A separate study found that owners of sailboats out-spend owners of powerboats by 2:1. Average boat-related spending per year:

        Trailered powerboats     $1,196 U.S
        Powerboats in the water  $2,894
        Sailboats                $4,454

Canadian Navy rescues Scottish sailors

Crew from HMCS St. John's, a Halifax-based frigate, saved a Scottish family from downing in a storm off the Bahamas. Leading Seaman Kerry George, Master Seaman Chuck Windsor, and Lieut. Rod Drugget, all Newfoundlanders from the ship, set off in a rubber raft to find the MacLellan family in a small raft amid huge waves and 120 kilmetre/hour of wind, which is 75 mph, or roughly 60 knots! If that wasn't enough, the sailors passed a hat, collecting around $1,400 ($1000 US) to help when they learned that the family had lost everything they owned when their vessel sank! Tom MacLellan, 40, and wife Peggy Seddon, and daughter Amy, 8, of Fort William, Scotland were saved within 8 hours of sinking.

September 1996

Did you know that "Ahoy" was the war cry of the Vikings?

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