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  1. You can "drag" this orange feed icon into most RSS readers (also called news readers or feed readers) to subscribe and set up the article list instantly! Don't click on it - all you see code. You may "right click" on it to copy the address for setting up a RSS reader manually.
  2. Subscribe manually: Right click to copy URL below for your RSS reader:
  3. Use Thunderbird email software to subscribe to RSS feeds using the link above. You can then read articles as easily as you read email.
  4. Create a "Live Bookmark" in Firefox web browser to read RSS feeds. Add it to your "bookmarks" in a location that is easy to check (i.e. Personal Toolbar).

Help with News Feeds

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". An RSS feed or news feed is an online file in a special format (not a web page) used by a range of devices. A news feed reader or news aggregator software collects in one place current items from many news sources. Feed readers allow you to quickly follow any topics you are interested in. On our news page

Many feed readers are integrated into email programs or Web browsers, and have an alert option if you want to know immediately when a new article is available. Software such as Thunderbird, Firefox, Internet Explorer have feed readers built in. Services such as Google and MyYahoo allow you to add feeds to your home page. Once you have a feed "address" set up in your feed reader, new article titles will automatically be added. Just scan the subject lines and read only those that interest you.

Learn how to display our news feed "Canadian Boating News" on your website. If you need news software, try a Google search for RSS readers