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CCG Plans reductions to Lake Ontario Aids

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997
From: Graham (
Subject: Lake Ontario Aids to Navigation - Update on Changes

We recently received this message from our local Marina:

From: Hub & Michle Steenbakkers (

Subject: Status: Planned Termination of Vital Marine Navigation Aids

We thank those of you who have been active on this issue. Our combined efforts in this matter have made a difference. We have received a letter from Mr. Childerhose, Canadian Coast Guard stating that the following aids will NOT be deleted but will reviewed in the future (ie: - it's not over yet!):

However, there was no mention as to the status of the following aids:

We feel these aids are also crucial and have asked CCG to preserve these aids as well. We expect their reply shortly and will keep you posted.

We still urge your involvement in this matter. I can provide you with a copy of our original email for a background on the issue.

Thank you.
Hub & Miche Steenbakkers

If you do not agree with this, send e-mail to Randy Childerhose of the Canadian Coast Guard at ChilderhoseR@DFO-MPO.GC.CA or phone/fax 705-746-2196/705-746-6953

Ask them to send you a list of all the changes - These cover the St.Lawrence seaway, atlantic regions, pacific regions etc. - We only received those relevant to our area.

Anyone who has sailed in the area of Main Duck and the False Ducks will realise the importance of those lights when approaching from the West.

Graham & Gerry Moss

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