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Bill S-26 Petition


We, the undersigned residents of Canada, draw the attention of the Senate to the following:

THAT the safe and appropriate use of waterways is a matter of national importance.
THAT personal watercraft have given rise to considerable public concern because of safety, environmental, noise and nuisance problems associated with their use.

THAT many communities consider that regulations available under the Canada Shipping Act provide insufficient protection and further restrictions on personal watercraft are desirable.

Therefore, your petitioners call upon the Senate to pass Bill S-26 to give municipalities, cottage associations and other local authorities a legal mechanism to restrict or ban personal watercraft in navigable waters where they pose an undue threat to safety, the environment or the peaceful enjoyment of waterways.

Please return original copies of the petition to (No Postage/ Free):
Senator Mira Spivak, The Senate, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A4

Signatures (Sign your own name, Do Not Print) Addresses (Give your full home address or your city & province).
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