Save your Boat from Sinking

Did you know that water flooding into your boat from a 3-inch hole 2 feet below the water line, will result in water coming in at 1000 Litres (about 250 gallons) per minute. Your bilge pump likely won't be able to keep up, resulting in your boat sinking unless you can repair the hole quickly.

Every year thousands of boaters are involved in collisions and equipment failures. Do you have the tools and materials on board to make a critical repair in case of an emergency? Your boat should have a repair kit with tools and materials to make a critical repair in case of an emergency. Being prepared will help you prevent your boat sinking or at least reduce the amount of damage in the event of an emergency.

Prevention is easy - routinely inspect through-hull fittings, seacocks, piping, hose clamps, drains, rudder posts and shaft seals for leaks, corrosion, or damage. Before you leave on a trip, check a chart for dangers to avoid on your planned route. Then, have a damage control kit on board that includes tools, materials and safety equipment to repair holes and leaks in the hull quickly and effectively. The kit should contain tapered plugs and wedges, neoprene sheets, tape and sealants including underwater patching compounds.

In the event of flooding, remember to do the following:

Canadian Yachting Magazine Jul. 2022