Laptop Screen Shade

Front view

Subject: GPS and the notebook
Newsgroups: can.rec.boating
Date: May 2004

Question from: Jim {}

I have an IBM notebook with Fugawi and a GPS through the USB port. SW and GPS work great but I have trouble reading the screen. Any suggestions on what is out there to make this easier?

Front viewFrom: Kevin {}

Hi Jim, I'm using the same setup as you, and I made a laptop screen shield out of 3 ring binder covers, electrical tape and black duct tape. Red Green would be proud. It works great, and cost virtually nothing. When it falls apart (still on the first one) I'll make another...

Front viewFrom: Kevin {}
Hi Guys, I just took a couple of pics. ... I used a white elastic cord at the back and across the screen in the front to help keep it on, and then added velcro to really keep it on and to stop the screen from flopping back and forth. I set the whole mess on some of the scoot guard that you can buy in Crappy and it has yet to be moved. Hope it gives you some ideas.