Time & Clocks

  Today is
+/- UTC Pacific Mountain Sask. Central Eastern Atlantic Newfoundland
Standard -8 hr -7 hr -6 hr -6 hr -5 hr -4 hr -3.5 hr
DST * -7 hr -6 hr -6 hr -5 hr -4 hr -3 hr -2.5 hr

UTC = Coordinated Universal Time (former Greenwich Mean Time) e.g. In summer, Nova Scotia is 3 hours earlier than UTC, BC is 7 hours earlier.

*DST Daylight Savings Time begins on the 2nd Sunday in March at 2 am (12:01 am in NL). Turn clocks ahead one hour.
Daylight Savings Time ends the 1st Sunday in November. Turn clocks back one hour.

Regions not using Daylight Saving Time include: