Aloha 32 Mast Cradles

This design was shared with us by an owner whose name we have forgotten - and we thank you! The mast is high enough for a 6-footer at the wheel for travelling in canals. It's secure enough for Oneida Lake if you tie the mast to the cradles AND the boat to prevent movement in waves. The cradle is tied to strong points on the boat, and the mast is tied to the cradle and the boat to prevent movement in all directions. Number and size of lines increases if you are crossing open water! I wouldn't attempt to use this in the ocean since the boat handles quite differently without the mast up (not to mention securing it would be difficult).

A 3'x4' waterproof canvas tarp (easily made) can easily be tied over the mast for weather protection. It's great for winter storage on a cradle 'up north'. By removing one spreader and taping carpet to parts that might chafe, we commonly got many years from poly tarps tied down to the boat cradle with small nylon lines. The perfect size would have been 20' x 36' but we always had to make do with other sizes. (A tape measure from bow to stern ladder measures 36 feet.)

Aloha 32 mast cradles design drawing


Aloha 32 stern mast cradle - bow mast cradle


Aloha 32 with mast cradles with mast, ready for haulout