Buy a Canadian boat

Why? Canadian boats...

Americans have discovered the benefits of buying Canadian boats. Canadian boat builders are held in high esteem in the U.S. for their solid construction and resale value.

American buyers recognize the benefits of vessels that last longer, since they rarely see salt water and are often stored for 6 months every year.

Boats sold for export are GST and PST exempt, with a very small duty payable when crossing the border, make the prospect of buying a Canadian boat very attractive.

These are some of the reasons that American boat buyers are snapping up Canadian boats. Be sure to look for your next boat north of the border!

Conversion from Canadian dollar prices into American dollars vary from day to day. In 2007 and 2010, they had the same value.

The way the old saying goes, there are two days in a boat owner's life that are happier than all the rest: The day they buy a boat, and the day they sell it!