Marine Flares

In Canada, most types of boats require Canadian-approved flares less than 4 years old as mandatory equipment. Canadian law also requires that marine signal products be replaced 4 years after date of manufacture (The Canada Shipping Act) - dates are stamped or printed on all flares. Flares under 5 years old should be safe to keep for back-up if stored properly.

Be sure to keep all your signal products dry and protected from heat in a labelled waterproof container or ziploc bag. The chemicals in the flares break down over time and they can misfire and injure anyone nearby. It is illegal to fire a flare if there is no emergency. Keep away from children - they can kill!

Disposal of Expired Flares

Flares are considered to be hazardous material and must be disposed of the same as explosives and fireworks. To help boaters dispose of expired flares in a safe and environmentally responsible manner CPS-ECP and selected CIL Dealers are hosting Disposal Days (link below) where you can bring your outdated flares to be properly disposed of, free of charge.

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