Boating in Canada Float Plan

Vessel name:
Vessel licence number or registration:
Captain's Name:
Vessel type (sail/power):
Model and size:
Color Hull:             Deck:             Cabin:             Canvas:
Type of Engine(s):
Other distinguishing features:
Radios, channels monitored (HF/VHF/CB):
Life rafts (type, size, color):
Dinghy (type, size, color):
Other safety equipment:
Flares (number):
Lifejackets (number):

Trip Data

Leaving from:
Date:                   Time:
Estimated Date:                   Time:
Proposed route:
Names of people on board:
Returning on date:
Route, date, time of arrival:
Call Search and Rescue at Date/Time:
Search and Rescue: 1-800-267-7270   613-392-2811   mobile: *311