Canadian Water Quiz

  1. What is the world's largest freshwater lake?
  2. Where is the world's largest island in a freshwater lake?
  3. What is the world's largest inland waterway open to ocean shipping?
  4. What is the largest animal on earth, and where can it be found?
  5. Where is the longest covered bridge in the world?
  6. What country has the world's longest coastline?
  7. Which of the five Great Lakes on the U.S.A./Canada border is the deepest?
  8. What province has the highest percentage of households recycling cans?
  9. What is the highest lake in Canada larger than 100 sq. km.?
  10. What is Canada's largest city in area?
  11. Which Canadian city has the most people?
  12. Which city has the highest population density?
  13. Which city has the largest agricultural economy?
  14. What is Canada's longest river? What ocean does it flow into?
  15. What is the name of Canada's largest "sea" island?
  16. What province or territory has the largest area of fresh water?
  17. Which major city has the most annual precipitation (rain and snow)? Snow?
  18. How many time zones span Canada?
  19. What inland province has a working lighthouse?
  20. What percentage of the world's fresh water is in Canada?
  21. Which of the Great Lakes is not in Canada?
  22. What is the value of the Looney (Canadian dollar)?
  23. What is the largest lake entirely inside Canada's borders?
  24. What is the deepest lake in Canada?
  25. What is the highest mountain in Canada, the second-highest in North America, ... and the largest circumference of any mountain on Earth?
  26. What province has another "Great Divide" where waters flow either north to Hudson's Bay or south to the Gulf of Mexico.
  27. How far did Tory Allan (Creelman, Saskatchewan) go to set a world record for the longest snowmobile drive on open water?
  28. What islands surrounded completely by Canada belong to another country?

Bonus Question: Why is the U.S. White House white?

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The Canadian Water Quiz was featured in the Vancouver International Boat Show Guide in February 2006.