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Eric Holden

2014: Eric Holden named Canada's Top Sailor

Canadian sailor Eric Holden was Canada's first ever skipper in the Clipper Round the World Race, leading a crew of 55 amateur sailors aboard the 70-foot Henri Lloyd to win first place in one of the toughest ocean races in the world.
Sail Canada and Rolex Canada named him 2014 Rolex Sailor of the Year, after being named Sailor of the Month three times. Holden and five Canadian crew members – Fiona Garforth-Bles, James Dick, Michael Jauncey, Morgen Watson, Phil Driver – were jointly awarded the Gerry Roufs Trophy for offshore racing.
Clipper Round the World Race won by Canadians

2014: Mike Ranta paddled across Canada

Mike Ranta
Mike Ranta (Atikokan, Ont.) and his dog Spitzii made a 8,000-km canoe journey from Vancouver to Tatamagouche, NS (Apr.1-Oct.31, 2014) about 350 km shy of Dominion Beach, Cape Breton. Although he broke the old record for longest paddle, the Guinness Book of World Records require he sign over all his videos and journal, which he was not willing to do. Also they seem to think he doesn't have enough evidence in spite of using a Delorme inReach geo-tracking system posting his position online!
In 2011, Mike and Spitzii, in a Souris River Wilderness 18, paddled from Rocky Mountain House Alberta to Montreal Quebec in 132 days. His 5200-km trip followed the traditional voyageur route would have been a world record for solo canoeing - if he'd informed the Guinness World Records before he started!
Facebook: Mike Ranta's Paddle | Twitter: @MikeRantaPaddle | Mike Ranta ..cross-country canoe journey (Ottawa Citizen Sep. 15, 2014) (article text)
Jeanne Socrates

2013: Jeanne Socrates

Seventy-year-old Jeanne Socrates from England, the oldest female sailor to make a solo, non-stop circumnavigation of the globe (Oct/2012 - Jul/2013) is raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care, that provides free home nursing for terminal cancer patients. {}
Derek Hatfield

2011: Derek Hatfield

Derek Hatfield, Canada's top solo sailor, took third place in the 2010/11 Velux 5 Oceans solo round the world yacht race. Derek is the only Canadian to have sailed solo around the world twice. In the 2002/3 Velux 5 Oceans, his yacht was capsized and the mast lost rounding Cape Horn, but he managed to repair the boat and finished the race. In 2008 he raced in the Vendée Globe but he had to retire when his yacht's rig was damaged. {Spirit of Canada}

2011: Jack Nye

If you've ever dreamed about sailing oceans, read about Jack Nye's 18th Atlantic Voyage - at the age of 86!

2010: David Wright

David, a Canadian Laser sailor, was training in Mexico when roused from bed by a panicked man after his kiteboarding friend hadn't made it back to shore. Local police did not help. David used his Merchant Marine Academy training to consider wind and tide. After 3 hours of grid search in a powerboat, he located the lost kiteboarder. [Montreal Gazette April/2010]

2007: Meagan McGrath

Meagan is our hero of 2007, risking her life to save Usha Bista, a female climber from Nepal, in Mount Everest's infamous "death zone". [Toronto Star May/2007 | CTV May/2007]

2006: Andrew Brash

Andrew is our hero of 2006. 200 metres from the summit of Everest, he saved Australian climber Lincoln Hall, who was dying of altitude sickness, instead of completing his climb. In May 2008, he returned to Everest and reached the top. Kudos Andrew. [CBC June/2006]

2003: Tony Gooch

In 2002-2003, this Canadian sailor is the only person to circumnavigate solo nonstop from the West Coast of North America. []

1988: Lawrence Lemieux

Canadian Finn class sailor Lawrence is our hero from the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Sailing in second place, he abandoned his race to go to the rescue of two Singapore sailors Joseph Chan and Siew Shaw Her, competing in the 470 class when their boat overturned in gusty winds, throwing them into the rough waves. Lemieux waited and transferred the two sailors to an official patrol boat. He finished 22nd but was recognised by the IOC with the Pierre de Coubertin medal honouring his bravery and sacrifice. [Edmonton Journal March/2008]

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