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Our "Boating in Canada News" blog carries articles about important news of interest to boaters. You can subscribe to this low-volume news feed so you don't miss any important news or changes to regulations affecting boating. "Boating in Canada" posts news and interesting articles more frequently on Twitter and Google Plus.

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Old Boating Newsgroups (historical only)

Pat created the newsgroup can.rec.boating in May 1998 for Canadian boaters to talk online. Although it still exists, it is no longer used by boaters and is mostly spam. The can.rec.boating Charter explained the group's creation.
Here is a very old list of boating newsgroups and forums:

can - Canada regional groups:
can.rec.boating - boating in Canada
can.rec.boating (read-only) - fishing in Canada (read-only)
ott.rec.sailing - sailing in the Ottawa River
ott.rec.canoe-kayak - canoeing in the Ottawa River
rec - Usenet world-wide: - hobbyists interested in boating - boat building, design, restoration, repair - cruising in boats - electronics, hardware, software on boats -  boats with oars, paddles - boat racing - speed competition, powered - freshwater bass - saltwater fishing - water polo - waterskiing
alt - Usenet world-wide:
alt.great-lakes - the Great Lakes - crew members on wind-powered boats
alt.sailing.pbsa - personal watercraft