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1000 Islands Cruise Diary 1999

Toronto to Mulcaster Island

Subject: 1000 islands
Date: 24 Aug 1999

Dear Pat:
As promised, I'm sharing our experience to the 1,000 islands aboard Kilt. I want to thank you for the useful advice you provided. Came back about a week ago. Sorry we did not get a chance to get together this time around. Hopefully, next year.It was quite a learning adventure for us.What a lifestyle! I could get used to this quite easily. Now, how can we possibly do this permanently and still earn a living?

We had a couple of problems with the engine, then the battery. Aside from that and the prices at the pump, we had a terrific time. The water level was higher than anticipated.I surprised myself at how imaginative I could be cooking/preparing food on the boat (always looking for new receipes-- if you know of good sources, I'd love to hear); preparing batches of stuff ahead helps for the rough crossing when you have to hold on for dear life.

[Lise's reply to my query about the problems: Egon was able to fix some of the problems himself (again, planning ahead helps: make sure you have spare parts for problems likely to occur). For one (soldering required), he had help from someone at Gordon Marine in Gan. Forgot to mention another woe. The pump in the head failed at some point. We were very grateful to reach shore -- I believe that was Cobourg. Went to the marine store. They only had the full replacement kit. Went to Canadian Tire, got the part needed for .35c.]

We went from Toronto, to

On the way back, Especially enjoyed the camaraderie of sailors everywhere we went and appreciated the sage advice and useful information they provided along the way. Our fav spots: Cobourg, Picton, Prynier's Cove, Mulcaster and the boat tour from Gan.

Next year, we'd like to explore more of the islands (some of the shots you provide on your web page look just wonderful) and possibly the south shore (hopefully our Canadian pesos will improve against U.S. currency), now that we know how long it takes to get there and back. Mind you, we motor-sailed most of the way. We had the wind right on the nose both ways. But who cares! We were on the boat and, as far as we're concerned, it beats being in the office and Toronto traffic any day!

Sorry, I rambled on so much. Just had to share my experience with someone who's been there and enjoys the area just as much as we did. [private information deleted]
Thanks again and cheers.
- Lise