Changing a Transponder

Subject: Changing a transponder at sea
From: Norman M
Date: 09 Jun 2005

Hi all,
I pass on this communication from Corey Foegen of SR Mariner. I am tempted to try it. Anybody recommend a good salvage company near Bobcaygeon?

From Norman (Smyril)


You can change the transducer while the boat is on the water. Yes, I do recommend taking a couple of aspirin to help with the heart attack you're about to have; but really it is not as bad as our minds dwell upon. I have done it several times and the first time I was shaking in my boots. After the initial pull out, I put my hand over the top to hold back the water. Then took a breather and lined up the transducer to have the key way facing forward. Then quickly moved my hand and put in the transducer; twisted it a bit to get it to drop down in place, held it and used the other hand to start locking it in place. After that experience I did it again for someone else with fewer problems. I finally got so comfortable with it that the next real challenge was when the sailor's wife realized what we were about to do and she panicked. I turned to him and asked what do you want me to do and he said keep going. So nonchalantly I finished as she was already hysterical of sinking the boat, and then announced it was done. Just like that, she stopped and asked really? It's done?

I also had someone give good advice that I never myself used but have passed on. He took one of those large sponges and stuffed it inside the thru hull. This stopped the water and allowed him to check the o-ring. Then he put the transducer into the fitting, pushing out the sponge. It eventually floated back to the surface and he retrieved it. He also said the next time he's going to do it, he will attach a piece of cork to help bring the sponge up faster.

The other ones I liked include a similar method above, but with a piece of those fun noodles that are used in swimming pools. Also, there using a plunger or large suction cup on the outside of the hull while someone else is inside doing the switch.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you,