Proposal for can.boating


[The following was posted to the can.config newsgroup March 16, 1998 to propose the creation of a new Canadian boating newsgroup.]


This newsgrop is for discussion of recreational boating in Canada, such as:

Crossposting rules

Crossposting will be tolerated only when it is appropriate to both this group *and* the others to which it is crossposted. Commercial postings are not allowed.

Other newsgroups

Usenet and alt is not appropriate - this is Canadian in scope. There is no ont newsgroup for boating. A local ncf.* group migrated discussion to a local ott.rec.sailing newsgroup. This is primarily concerned with local sailing talk, and is a very active group.

Other boating newsgroups:
Charter for can.rec.boating:

Why create it?

A can group would reach boaters of all types (powerboats, sailboats, canoes) and deal with larger issues such as operator "licensing", boat licensing, environmental regulations, as well as smaller issues.

There are various boating organizations that deal with boaters, some of which have private mailing lists or are just getting connected, setting up web sites and using e-mail. A national discussion could be used by any of these to communicate online.

As the maintainer of a boating Web site that deals exclusively with Canadian information, I often receive mail about the latest government proposals (federal and Ontario), spread of zebra mussels, cruising information, and where to find information on a variety of subjects. I'm just trying to get the rest of the boating community involved in the discussion.


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