Charter: can.rec.boating

Newsgroup line: can.rec.boating - Discussions about recreational boating in Canada
Date created: June 1998
Author: Pat Drummond
FAQ updated: September 1998

Why a Canadian boating newsgroup was created

The need for a discussion forum for Canadian recreational boaters grew out of the rapid changes in boating in Canada. New laws, such as speed limits, on-the-water ticketing for a variety of infractions, loss of vehicle drivers licence for drinking, and licensing have been passed with little discussion.

Canadian recreational boaters did not have a place to talk or to share information. Usenet focuses mainly on USA boaters. There do not appear to be any provincial boating newsgroups, and few local newsgroups.

Boating newsgroups from around the world can found at URL:

Appropriate discussion in can.rec.boating

This newsgroup is for discussion of recreational boating in Canada. Suggested topics are:

The newsgroup name was chosen to include all types of boaters. It also can be used to discuss larger issues such as operator "licensing", boat licensing, environmental regulations, as well as sharing information about boating in other provinces of Canada. Any special boating interests could split into a separate subgroup later if traffic warranted it.

This newsgroup can be used by any boating organization, yacht club, or boat club to communicate online. Use the name of your club in the subject line for discussion of interest only to your members.

It is suggested that you word the subject line of your article with care to attract interest to your subject. e.g. "Zebra mussles in Rideau Canal" instead of "Problem in my boating area".

Inappropriate articles

Response to inappropriate articles

It is hoped that contributors will respect the intent of the newgroup. Readers should completely ignore off-topic posts, "flames", junk-posts, advertsements and any other inappropriate posts. If you really must respond, please use e-mail. Never respond to spam, however, as you will simply be added to their mailing lists! In this case, a complaint to postmaster@ or abuse@ at the service provider may be more effective, if you know how to read news headers.


While spam, harassment and off-topic posting are very clear problems in the Internet, can.rec.boating will not use moderation. An open newsgroup places less barriers to all contributors. However, anyone posting ads will likely receive a request to stop, since ads destroy discussion!