Cruising First Aid Kit

This is obviously only a suggested list from research, personal experience and consultation with our family doctor (a sailor) before our one-year cruise. Your needs may differ. Use the list as a starting point to discuss a cruising medical kit with your family doctor.




OTC Medicines


On a boat you may need to function in an emergency situation where a doctor is not available. The right drug could allow you to function or save your life. Consult with your doctor about a drug kit for your cruise - this list was created some years ago with our own doctor, and should simply be used as a starting point. Some are OTC (over-the-counter), others are prescription only.

Keep prescription drugs (or anything that looks like drugs) in original bottles with a copy of their prescriptions. Note: Some common OTC drugs like Tylenol 2 and 222's are illegal without a prescription in other countries.

Everytime I go on deck it's either a salt water shower or foul weather gear while sweating to death underneath. After more than two weeks at sea, I begin to wonder if "foul" weather gear refers to the outside or the indside of the gear. -- Derek Hatfield, Vendee Globe Race 2008

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