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Presqu'ile Provincial Park Preliminary Management Plan

[February 21, 1999: From Chuck Boyce, member of Executive for Presqu'ile Yacht Club, Brighton, Ontario]

The preliminary plan outlines the extended park boundaries to include an estimated 168 ha.of navigable water.

Quoted from sec. 2.6:
...motorboating should be ended altogether or restricted or prohibited in critical areas,and that nonmotorized boating should be restricted or prohibited in critical areas. … Recreational motorboating in most park waters in Presqu'ile Bay will be ended,and nonmotorized boating may be prohibited in certain areas at certain times when necessary to protect park values, ...

Your response to this violation of freedom to navigation of open waters on Lake Ontario is greatly needed to prevent this from becoming enforceable.

Any information you could share with us in our fight would be only appreciated more by your direct involvement in this issue.

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