Pat's Favorite Boat Names

Picking out a boat name should come with a few guidelines. First, don't name your first love after another boat - unless it's a day's sail away. Second, try repeating it 3 times in a practice VHF marine emergency call, "Mayday, mayday, mayday, this is Somebody's Loan, Somebody's Loan, Somebody's Loan, over". I'm pretty sure our friend named his boat "Maybe" on purpose so people would clear the airwaves for his calls.

Re-naming a boat is bad luck -- unless you do it properly. We've provided a link below to help you with it. Here are a few interesting names I've seen on boats. I love good puns!

Pier Pressure
Dock Holiday
Anchor Management
Waltz on Water
Sailbad the Sinner
Sail la Vie
Ciao Baby
Liquid Medication
Floating Scot
She Got the House
Strait to Voicemail
Legal Briefs
Current Asset
Wet Debt
Current Sea
High Speed
Sound Wave
Dot Calm
Boot Up
Reel Love
Liquid Therapy
State of Mind
GR8 Fun42