Tom's Boating Tips

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998   From: "Tom"

Subject: Sailing & Fishing

Pat, it seems that not too many folks down rig off their sailboats. I put a plank mounted aft my stern rail. On the back of the plank is a hinged solar panel. It's a 30 watt panel and it swings down so that I can climb the ladder. It seems to supply my batteries just fine and I don't have to worry about recharging because of fishing and radio use etc. The plank also provided a handy platform for my habanero plant. The only boat in the harbour with a plant growing on it. (habanero= hottest darn peppers you ever heard of) It was quite a conversation piece.

Another neat thing I saw in a magazine somewhere was the belt clipped by the galley. I used a seat belt from a car and now I can stand at the stove and work hands free regardless of the motion. It needs to be adjustable and really easy to use.

I didn't have the bucks for a force ten barbecue, so I took our portable one along. I made a base out of 1/4" plywood with "Scoot" stapled to the bottom. It sits in the cockpit and doesn't slide anywhere. Worked great!

Another thing I found at a garage sale. I don't think they make them anymore, but it's a Coleman propane fired catalytic toaster/heater. It puts out 3,500 BTU. After having it, I'd buy a new one if I needed it. I used it in the cockpit in the cool evenings when I wanted to play my fiddle outside. It makes super toast and fast too!

I took the handle off of a paint roller and it fits one of the extendable handles you can get from Walmart etc. Now I can put a big hook on or a small fishing net which makes it really easy to fish things out of the water that the boat hook just won't grab no matter how hard you try.

I'm sure there are lots more little tricks out there and a section called something like "great ideas" or whatever might be pretty popular and usefull too.

Just can't wait to get back sailing. Middle of May for us.

Bye for now,
   Tom Durrant (sailing on Fiddlestix) from Kincardine, Ontario <>