Jack Nye 2011 Atlantic Crossing Emails

The messages below are family and friends ashore trying to find out if Jack and Julien are ok as they return across the Atlantic back to Canada dealing with Hurricane Irene.

Jack Nye 2009 on
Remembrance Day

Aug 29, 2011

From: Mark Nye (nye.ca)
To: Maria Osullivan (ireland.com)
Sent: Monday, 29 August, 2011 13:58:23 GMT
Subject: RE: Jack and Julian

Hi Maria, I have not heard from them yet, I expect we will be hearing
from them later this week. It looks like the storm will pass well north
of them. They have the wind at their backs, I am sure they are having a
great time! I can just hear Jack singing now.


Aug 29, 2011

We are watching the track of what's left of Hurricane Irene. It looks
like it will pass well north of Dads expected path.

Sep 1, 2011

It has been 28 days. I am not sure if I should call the coast guard
or not. According to Dad's notes, he crossed from Galloway Ireland
to Long Pond NL in 19 days from June 19 to July 7 in 2003.
Maritime Rescue Sub-Centre (MRSC) St. John's direct 1-800-563-2444

Sep 1, 2011  13:15

I was just about to call MRSC when I got a message that they have contacted another ship and are all OK, They are about 50nm north west of Flemish Cap, just north of Sackville Spur.  see below…

From winpop:

There was a call that just came in at 12:30
from Julian's girl friend Maria
she asked that you please check your emails
and if you could give Sylvia a call later also
Another boat has passed Julian & Jack

Excellent News !!!


From: Gulf Spirit (capeharrison.com)
Sent: August-31-11 8:52 PM
To: Julian and Maria (ireland.com)
Subject: Panderama


This is the Gulf Spirit 1 relaying a message from the sailing vessel Panderama

Crew fit and healthy, food and water sufficient.

Expect arrival Long pond, Nfld. in 7 days

Can you telephone Mark and Sylvia

The present position of the Panderama is 48 43.5 N 046 14.6 W [Google map]

If you receive this within the next hour or so i maybe able to relay a message back to them


Sept 3, 2011

Spoke to Muriel at:
The Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club, Conception Bay South, NL

I asked her to take photos or ask around if anyone could take photos for me of Jack's arrival. She said she knows Jack and would try. Also sent message to manager.

Sept 6, 2011

First Sylvia then Dad called at 09:04 Toronto time this morning to say they were motor sailing near the peninsula. I assume near Biscayan Cove on their way to Long Pond. I think he said St. Frances, but I don't think that is correct. He said they are around 7 hours away. I think they will arrive in Long Pond sometime between 3 and 6 PM St. Johns time today.

I will call the Manager at RNYC (www.rnyc.nf.ca) and ask him to prepare:

I have left a message and two e-mails to the manager, with no answer.
Spoke to Vice Commodore John Walsh today at noon Toronto time. He will try to get ahold of Jim Eastman (Manager) and perhaps the yard master Steve.

Sep 6, 2011

Spoke to Jim Eastman. He will go to the harbor and get some supplies and food for Dad and Julian.

Spoke to Peter Lawrie He and another man plus Jim Eastman (gone to get supplies) will be at the dock to great Panderama. Peter says there is a boat about 3 miles out and thinks that must be them. He said they will be in good hands.

Mississauga News GoodLife reporter called re interview

I can see three people standing in the parking lot waiting for Panderama to arrive on the webcam. 14:30 now five people waiting.

Jim called to say they have arrived and Jack is standing in the cockpit and were just turning around now.

I called Jim and he said they are tied up alongside and in very good condition especially with what they have been through. They won't need the sleeping bags and stuff and Jim is making some calls to arrange a hotel in town. Jim will return the sleeping bags to the store for refund and is happy to donate his time to help Jack who he said has always been good to them. I will send a basket to them.

Sep 2, 2011

Boating in Canada News:
"86 year old Canadian sails across North Atlantic"


Maritime Rescue Sub-Centre (MRSC) St. John's, NL 1-800-563-2444
Dartmouth YC (near Halifax, NS) 902-468-6050 Manager Dan Gallina
Royal Newfoundland YC (near St. John's, NL) 709-834-5151 Vice Commodore John Walsh

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