Boating Jokes

  1. How to Identify a Canadian Boater
  2. Pirate Joke
  3. The "Laws" of Boating
  4. Celsius & the Maple Leafs
  5. Teaching Sailing
  6. True sailing story
  7. Sailor Math
  8. Boat Shoe Humour
  9. The Perfect Storm (condensed script)
  10. Taking a Sick Day

Etiquette: Marine custom establishes a code of social behavior and nautical courtesy for every conceivable occasion. When one sailboat passed another, it was customary for the captain of the passing boat to make a bladder-like sound with his lips and tongue, and for the captain of the passed boat to return the courtesy by offering a smart salute consisting of a quick upward motion of the right hand with the middle digit extended. {Please remember this is a joke page!}