Float Plan

Before setting off on a long trip or a cruise out offshore, be sure to let someone know your plans so they can arrange for a search if you do not arrive at your destination. You may either leave a copy of your Float Plan (also known as a Sail Plan) with a trustworthy friend or you may file it with the Canadian Coast Guard. If you forget, you may call "Coast Guard radio" on VHF channel 16 after you are under way to file a Float Plan. If you should have an emergency, they will have a better chance of finding you if they already have all relevant information on file.

Float Plan Form

  1. Open and print the form above (hold the CTRL key and press "P" to open the print window) or save the page for printing later.
  2. Include the nearest Coast Guard Search & Rescue coordination centre phone number (RCC Trenton 1-800-267-7270, *311 on Mobile phones).
  3. If you leave the form with a friend, instruct them to phone the Coast Guard immediately if they do not hear from you at the date and time you specify.
  4. If you are overdue, call the Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) by VHF/HF marine radio, phone or your friend, otherwise Search and Rescue will be needlessly searching for you!

Government Directory: Canadian Coast Guard / SAR

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