Boating in Canada Archive

Thousand Islands National Park 1996

1996 Regulations

  1. Seaonal day use fee valid until 7 pm (after which you pay normal overnight morring fees).

  2. Day-use dinghy fee of $4.00 for boaters coming ashore at docks, dinghy ramps or beaching -- unless you ask for the dinghy permit for ramps and beaching that comes with your season permit.

  3. Picnic shelters have been removed from West Grenadier and East Gordon Island.

  4. The campsite on Constance Island has been removed. Campsites and campsite docks on Endymion have already been removed.

  5. Stoves and Fire grills will be removed in 1996 from islands with no campsites (Adelaide, W. Grenadier, Constance, Mermaid, Endymion).
      [A stove was removed from the shelter at center Gordon Island.]

  6. Two campsites will be installed at North Grenadier.

  7. A new volunteer Island Host program will begin at McDonald, Beaurivage, Aubrey and possibly Gordon Islands. They will provide basic information about the Park and the Islands.
      [Civil servants who have lost their jobs love the idea of volunteers doing work for the government.]

  8. Two new mooring buoys will be installed on the north side of Endymion Island. 1997 fees for all moorings will be discussed with boaters.
      [It boggles the mind how the other boats will manage to anchor around these moorings in the bay between Endymion and Sunset Island. I wonder which carefully selected boaters they will talk to about the proposed fees! As it is, some boats "live" on these moorings and leave them to their children! I wonder who has the authority to charge for the bottom of the river anyway.. One boater had a chat with a park employee who admitted that an unleashed dog is untouchable by federal law on the dock but can be fined on land -- hate to mention this as my Killer Cat likes to sit on the rail (until a dog lunges at him)!]

  9. New red signs explaining the raccoon vaccinate and release program.
      [Raccoon rabies has not been observed in the Thousand Islands as of April, 1996.]

  10. A free dinghy permit (new) will be available to boaters buying seasonal passes (overnight or day-use) for their mother ship. This allows anchored boaters to dinghy ashore to RAMPS and SHORE only -- not docks. Your dinghy may still be rafted alongside the mother ship if it has a valid day use or overnight mooring permit. If you wish to use the docks, you must still pay a dock fee for the dinghy. If you want to take a walk on the trails, use the outhouse, or dump garbage from the anchorage, it will cost a minimum of $4.

  11. Docking may not be reserved for any reason. Park staff may require boaters to move their boat, tender, or dinghy on the dock in order to accommodate another boat.
      [This is standard boat ettiquette in the islands. Strangers, myself included, have offered boats a temporary raft if they plan to leave a dock. Rafting overnight is usually reserved for someone whose sleeping habits are known to you!]