Thousand Islands National Park Facilities

Thousand Islands National Park: Generator use will not be permitted in Zone II (wilderness) classified areas (2015). They will be permitted at Zone III (natural environment) classified locations at these islands: Beau Rivage, Central Grenadier, Hill, and McDonald, as well as Mallorytown Landing (on shore). This represents 36% of park dock space.

All islands with docks have outhouses, water pumps, picnic tables, and shelters. This is changing as the park is moving to restore the ecology of the area by gradually removing docks, camp sites, shelters, and garbage cans. There is camping for groups at central grenadier, but many islands have only 1 tent site with no guarranty of being able to unload at a nearby dock. Islands without camp sites do not allow camping at all. Where areas have become eroded or rare plants have been discovered, docks, campsites, and stoves have been removed and shelters abandoned to the weather. Garbage facilities were removed from many islands in 2002, and visitors must dispose of their garbage elsewhere.

ISLAND         CAMPS SHELTERS DOCKS(metres)                         
Adelaide      -	 1     91m   4 moorings	No generators No garbage
Aubrey        8	 2    214m
Beau Rivage   8	 2    290m
Camelot       6	 1    173m   6 moorings
Cedar         4	 1    102m              No generators, No garbage
Constance     -	 1    133m
Endymion      -	 1    205m   7 moorings	No generators, No garbage
Georgina      2	 2    263m
Gordon        5	 3    295m
   Center    17	 2    273m
   East       -  -     27m              No generators, No garbage
   West       -	 1    133m              No garbage
   North      2	 -     71m              No generators, No garbage
Hill          -	 1     44m
Mall.Landing  -	 1     83m
McDonald     13	 1    275m
Mermaid       -	 -     86m              No generators, No garbage
Milton        3	 1    110m              No generators, No garbage
Mulcaster     3	 -    142m              No generators, No garbage
Stovin        2	 2    194m              No generators, No garbage
Thwartway     -	 -    none   5 moorings	No facilities
For current facilities, use links to the Park in our Government Directory.

Islands with no Facilities

Thousand Islands National Park also owns several properties that are not marked on regular park brochures. These island properties have no docks in order to protect the fragile nature of these properties. However, they do belong to the people of Canada so you are entitled to visit. Please tread lightly and leave no litter, have no fires and do not camp there.

Whiskey Is.  north east of lower dock on Cedar Island
Hay Is.      (there are several private cottage lots there)
7 Pines Is.  sothwest tip of Thwartway Island
Lyndoch      north west of Hill Island
Squaw Is.    north of Grenadier North's dock