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Kudos to "Pat's Boating in Canada"

The Ottawa Citizen, Sun. August 19, 2007, Weekly page

The top five hits from Googling 'Canada joke'

... 3.
Weather jokes that have been 'modified for boaters'. A selection:
(Excerpt from Boating in Canada "Temperature Guide North & South". Full Text)

The Ottawa Citizen, August 18, 2007, City page E1

Vital Lady Duck inquest recommendations have fallen on deaf ears, experts fear

... "But who knows which tower, in Ontario or in Quebec, will pick up a 911 call?" asks Pat Drummond, who owns the country's most extensive boating safety website.
She added that most boat owners have a marine radio on board, and that the licence to use it involves a two-evening course. Trained radio operators know when, and how, to use the emergency channel. ...

... Ms. Drummond, who runs, said she was "surprised that with two sides having people responsible with saving lives, there's not more co-ordination through a regional committee." ...
(Quotes from a telephone interview. Full text)

Boating Poll:

Check out the results of a poll we took here in 1999: What do you think of Pat's Boating in Canada?


Read a few of the Letters to Pat with comments from people who visit this site.

Monitor Magazine March 2003 - Net Nuggets:

Pat's Boating in Canada
"One of the oldest, largest boating information sites in Canada!" No kidding! Everything, and I mean everything, you need or want to know about boating can be found on this site. From cruising the 1000 Islands, to sea-sickness and Zebra Mussels, you'll find it on Pat Drummond's excellent reference site.

Thousand Islands Association:

The newsletter editor wrote a nice note:
(their 1200 members pay for shoal markers in the Thousand Islands)
"I surf the web each issue to give members as many web sites as I can with useful information. Your page is terrific and I thought you may like to know I am featuring it this month (Spring 2000)... Please keep up the good work. I and many others appreciate it." ...Susie Smith

Vancouver International Boat Show:

Our Canadian Water Quiz was featured in the Vancouver International Boat Show Guide in February 2006.

Sympatico NetLife:

Sympatico NetLife magazine July/August 1999 edition featured "Pat's Boating in Canada" and it's creator Pat Drummond in its Virtual Ontario section.

Pick-of-the Week

Northwest Boat Travels
Boating Website Pick-of-the Week
November 13-19, 2001: PAT'S BOATING IN CANADA
Highlights Worth Viewing: Regulations, Safety, Cruising, Fun, Pictures, Canadian Boating Index and more.

Ottawa Webgrrls (Digital Eve Ottawa)

The webzine's first feature page was about Pat Drummond, the boating site "Boating in Canada", and her Web design business.

Subject: Announce - Ottawa Webgrrls' August Events
Date: 9 Aug 1999

Hi Grrls,

Featured on our August Events Page is our very own Webgrrl Pat Drummond on the topic of Boating Safety.

Pat's Web Site was selected to be in the July/August edition of Sympatico NetLife's Virtual Ontario on Summer Surfing.

A biography on how Pat started web designing, plus a link to her boating website is the hilight of our August Events Page. []

I felt that this topic is relevant to both summer fun, and will serve as an inspiration to women starting out in the field of web design.

Kudos Pat,

    - Shari (Ottawa Webgrrl's Web Manager)

September/99 issue of The Fishing News

Jeff Goddard's review in a national fishing paper available in tackle shops.
Pat's Boating in Canada

Tons of info here on anything remotely boat related. Pat has really worked on her site over the years. It shows. Everything you could possibly want to know about boating in Canada is included. There's information on regulations, safety and just plain fun. And, if Pat doesn't cover it, she provides links to someone who does. Another 5 out of 5 URL.