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Canadian Provincial HST adds cost for Boaters

April 2009: When Ontario institutes a 13% HST 'harmonized tax' in 2010 The 8% PST (provincial sales tax) will be combined with the 5% GST (good and services tax). The combined tax will cover a wide range of services previously exempt from PST, and will therefore cost more. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland already have an HST. Alberta has no sales tax at all.

Ontario boaters will begin paying an extra 8% on these costs with an HST:

  1. dockage, mooring
  2. winter storage
  3. repair services
  4. mast stepping
  5. haulout & launching
  6. holding tank pump out
  7. fuels
  8. marine surveyor services
  9. legal services
  10. brokerage fees

You may notice that this list contains many of the expenses you have during an average year on the water. Add up your bills for these items and multiply by .08 to calculate the additional tax you will have to pay. The average cruiser using marina services will pay hundreds of dollars more in 2010.